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Parliament Projects

Support-Workers'-AgreementSupport Workers Agreement
The support workers Agreement has been put together by the Parliament and agreed and signed up to by all provider services in Kingston. Project workers will be taking the promise out to as many people as possible in Kingston and you can ask your key worker more about the agreement. Click here to see the Agreement.


Safe Places logoSafe Places have come to Kingston
A Safe Place is a place for people with learning disabilities to go if they ever feel unsafe or need some help in the community.

A Safe Place will have this sticker in the window. You can go into the Safe Place and ask for help.

To find out more and how to get a card, click here.



People told the Parliament that they want to make sure they get the chance to travel more easily. Travel training and travel mates can help people with this.

It is also important that people stay safe when out and about and that public transport is accessible for all.  We want to hear about your experiences on transport.

Hospital Passport



People told us that they do not always find health appointments easy and have had bad experiences because of their disability.  Parliament would like to see fair access to health services.  Contact Parliament and tell them about your experiences.  Click here for more information about the new hospital passport.



Disability Hate Crime pack


Disability Hate Crime
People told us it is sometimes hard to report a crime and they may need extra support and help.  Parliament works closely with Kingston Police and want to ensure that crime against people because of their disability is properly reported.
Click here to find out more about Parliaments work around keeping safe.

Click here to see the Police Promise that has been signed up to.





We are currently presenting to school assemblies to raise awareness about learning disabilities.  We want to continue project work with schools to raise further awareness.  Click here to see our Presentation on disability awareness.

See our film Nice Day below.

We would like people to share their experiences of being out and about in the community.


People with Multiple Learning Disabilities


We want to find out what this group of people thinks, we want to get to know PMLD better and find out about their needs to make sure they are not left out.

Contact Involve to speak to someone about what we are doing with this                                                                               group of people.


How to contact us
The Involve Office is at:
Sessions House
17 Ewell Road


Telephone 020 8547 6645 or 020 8547 6540
or email Fen