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Here you will find information for family members and people with learning disabilities when going to Kingston hospital. It tells you how the Hospital should make that you are being treated fairly, give clear and easy to understand information, best interest decision making and also tells you about the roles of the Community Learning Disability Teams and support staff. Please note that not all of this information is in easy read.


My name is Neil Hobby, You may have seen me working in Kingston Sainsbury’s.

I was frightened of needles so I couldn’t have a blood test. I started going to the needle phobia groupClick here to read my story and for contact details for the group.


MencapMencap is getting it right!

NHS Kingston and Kingston Hospital Trust have signed up to Mencap’s Getting It Right Charter!! Getting It Right is a campaign for equal access to healthcare for all children and adults with learning disabilities.
Click here to read the Charter.

Health checkAnnual Health Checks

An Annual Health check is a meeting with your GP, they will check things like your blood pressure, your hearing and your eyesight. Ask your GP for Annual Health Check.
Click here to read the pre-health check form.
Information from your Annual Health Check should be written in to your Health Action Plan and Hospital Passport (see below).

Health Action PlanHealth Action Plans

A Health Action Plan is a plan that tells you:
– what to do to stay healthy
– what to do to make your health better
– who will help you to stay healthy
– information from your Annual Health Check
You and other people in your life can support you to make a health action plan. Ask the community team if you would like to have one: 020 8547 6558

Hospital Passport
Hospital Passport

A Hospital Passport is really important if you ever have to go in to hospital. It tells Doctors and Nurses important things about how to support you, such as how you communicate, or what to do if you are worried.
You and people who know you well can help you fill in a Hospital Passport. Your Doctor or a health professional should write in the medical details.
Contact the Community Team for a Hospital Passport on 020 8547 6558.
This is a hospital passport to complete electronically – Hospital Passport

Look up logo

For more information on eyesight please visit ‘Look Up’ the website for people with sight problems AND learning disabilties.  Visit the SeeAbility website